Surgeon's consultation  40 Eur 
Hair transplantation with the manual FUE method 1500 - 6500 Eur
Hair transplantation with the motorized method 1000 - 6000 Eur
Eyebrow transplantation 1000 - 2500 Eur
Beard, mustache correction 2500 - 4500 Eur

The client's cooperation with the specialist begins before the on-site visit. Before meeting with the doctor, the client is asked to take and send 5 photos to e-mail: [email protected].

Photo conditions:

  • distance from the photographed area - outstretched arm;
  • good lighting, clear focus;
  • photo angle - both sides of the head, back of the head, top view of the head, front view of the head.

After sending the photos, you will be given an answer within two working days about the approximate amount of hair to be transplanted, the cost of the procedure and an invitation to a consultation. During the initial consultation, the client together with a specialist evaluates the most suitable method and price.