Manual method

In the manual FUE procedure, only manual work is used, separating the grafts with a tool with a diameter of 0.9-1.00 mm. The entire graft, which usually contains 1-4 hair follicles, is transplanted without dividing it into 1 graft, thus obtaining a thick and natural result. Dr. Ilze Runce works with a microscope during the incisions, which gives the opportunity to obtain a hair thickness that is as close as possible to natural, and in one procedure it is possible to transplant up to 4,000 grafts. The manual FUE method is also used for eyebrow and beard transplants. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is comfortable for the client - during it the patient is sitting in the treatment chair and can use a computer, telephone, tablet, read a book or watch TV.

Dr. Ilze Runce is the initiator of the manual method in Latvia, has separately studied this method in Kazakhstan for 1 year with industry professionals and has introduced it in Latvia since 2013. In total, she has already performed more than 1,000 manual FUE procedures.

The description was prepared by Dr. Ilze Runce